Hi Phil,

I am Allison mother and since I have your email address, I just had to write to you to tell you what a wonderful band you have. My husband and I have been to many, many weddings both large and small, unlimited budgets and others more tame. However, your band, your music and your music selections were by far the best, the most entertaining and fun that we have enjoyed. The soloists are outstanding! Our friends commented on the “great band” – not too loud so that you could not carry on a conversation and not too soft that it wasn’t fun and energetic. Just great. Just perfect. Thank you. Great music for a great day!

Deby Lexow

I can’t thank you and your talented singers and musicians enough – your sounds and rhythm really made for an exceptional night at The Wisconsin Club.

Thank you for making a very special night so memorable and enjoyable for our guests.

Paul and Ellen Seifert

Dear Phil,
The Celestial Ball was our biggest ever and was spectacular. Your music made it perfect. I want to thank you personally for your contribution to our evening, for all your support and for your great music.

Sincerely Katherine Hunt
Adler Planetarium

Dear Phil and members of the Eden Orchestra:
Thank you very much for doing such an amazing job at our wedding.

We were all so impressed with you. We had numerous guests give us compliments on your music. We really appreciated all the effort that you went to in order to make our wedding reception special. Thank you and take care.

All the best,
Elizabeth Hayner and Michael Klein

Dear Phil:
I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for the lovely jazz music you provided for our company’s 10th Anniversary Party at the Chicago Yacht Club last night. We were all so pleased with the selections. The sound was perfect for the room – everyone could still hold a conversation and you could still feel the presence of the music. We had no idea it could be so perfect! Please let us know if you would ever like to use us as a recommendation. Thank you once again for joining us at the Yacht Club and for your hard work – you helped make the event even more special.

–Kind regards, Heather M. Ludlum Great Lakes Advisors, Inc.

Dear Phil,
If your ears are burning it’s because every one of the 308 guests at our wedding said they adored the band. It was the greatest compliment of the whole event. You may use this letter as a reference for anyone and our friends are sure to call you for their receptions. We all appreciated each of the musicians and the singers were wonderful too. My brother, Bobby Whiteside who has composed platinum hits for Barbara Steisand and other famous artists, thought your group was marvelous and has asked for a copy of your latest CD. He and his wife Brenda listen to singers all the time and that’s a true compliment. You certainly made the whole wedding a memorable experience and I can’t wait to come to my friends wedding in August when I get to hear your music again. We all listen to your recordings all the time. I can’t wait to recommend you again.

–Mary Schuette

Dear Phil,
We just returned home from the Peninsula this afternoon. It was a fabulous party: the hotel, Kehoe Design, and everyone involved exceeded our expectations. Your music was irresistible and our guests responded by dancing the night away. Thank you and your band members and vocalists for performances that inspired, delighted, and moved us all!

All the best,

Rosemarie Mitchell
ABS Associates, Inc.

Thanks Phil,
We got a lot of great comments about the band. Everyone had a terrific time and your music kept them on the dance floor all night long...nonstop. Lisa and I head off to Guatemala and our new jobs there on Friday, but I am sure Lisa's parents will recommend you to all their friends. Our parents and our friends never had a better time.Cheers and thanks again!


Dear Phil,
Our family can't thank you enough for the wonderful music you provided for Mindy and Ira's wedding. From the pre-ceremony instrumentals to the last dance at the reception, you literally and figuratively never missed a beat. And EVERYONE has commented how they loved that during the meal, your music was soft enough so that conversation was possible. We knew we were right about how great your band is when we first heard you at the Murphy wedding--in fact, I said to Jane Murphy, "Good band, huh?", and she replied that a ton of people at their party had also asked about you.

So thank you, thank you, thank you -- the evening was exactly the magical event Mindy (and we) had hoped for!

-- Sincerely, Robin Kogan

Dear Phil and the Eden Orchestra,
We wish to thank you for the incredible music you provided for our September 14th reception. Everything was fabulous! And now, with more than a month behind us, we continue to hear comments like "everything was great and that band...Wow !!!" Your great efforts and time commitment to deliver such appealing and enjoyable entertainment will not be forgotten...thank you Phil, we feel fortunate to have worked with you. We appreciate everything that you did for us. We were really impressed that you were always so especially prompt and polite in answering our phone calls and emails. Even at a time when you weren't personally available to take my call, Sandy was very polite to speak to and these simple things say a lot about your business. Thank you again for your contribution in making our wedding a grand event. Our family and friends felt like they were at a very special place and we will always have the memories! Thanks!

---Sincerely, Laura and Randy Kooy

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